January 2012

Reliability Is Job One

By Kent Singer | “Quality Is Job One.” Do you remember that tag line for the Ford Motor Company advertising campaign of the early 1980s? The company was trying to position itself to compete with foreign automakers, and the slogan was intended to revitalize the brand with the message that Ford was focused on the quality of its product.

Keep Electricity Affordable visits the National Western Stock Show

Planning to visit the National Western Stock Show in Denver? Stop by and say hello!

We have a Keep Electricity Affordable photo booth set up and we’re asking all of the visitors to show their support by signing their name or by telling us the one thing they can’t imagine unplugging. We’ll be taking photos of our supporters and we will post them to our Facebook page throughout the month. Stop by the booth and you can have your photo taken too.

Can’t make it to the National Western Stock Show? No worries. You can still get involved…