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Picking on Rural Colorado with Mandates from Denver

With very little time left in the current legislative session, a Colorado senator from the state’s second largest city has introduced legislation that would force rural Coloradans to purchase an excessive amount of their electric power from expensive renewable resources. If enacted, these new regulations would hit rural households, farms, ranches, small businesses and entire communities with billions of dollars in increased electricity costs.

Do We Have a Green Thumb?

By Rich Wilson

Spring heralds planting season for my family. My wife has a knack for coaxing seeds to life. I enjoy our garden and I’ve tried to help out, but sadly I didn’t inherit a green thumb. Her rows of vegetables stand tall and proud; plants subject to my ministrations struggle to make it through the summer.

Colorado: Potential bill would put a new burden on still-struggling families

Colorado’s economy hit a rough patch, but we got through it. And now we’re moving forward again. But our economy can’t afford to take any more hits.

While the Colorado legislative session marked is half-way point last week, we aren’t quite ready to breathe a sigh of relief. We know that there are groups with extreme agendas who may still want to place expensive mandates on customers in rural Colorado.