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Red tape. Aggressive agendas. Bureaucracy. Get the latest news about what's threatening your access to affordable electricity.

Worried At the North Pole

Written by: Santa | Here at the North Pole, we rely heavily on electricity all year round, but especially as the holidays fall upon us. 

You see, the elves need power in the toy factory. Ms. Claus needs electricity at home. The reindeer need lights in the barn.

And Santa has needs, too.

Destiny Another Day

Written by: Potato | I don’t want to toot my own horn but I make a pretty big impact on the holidays. I’ve been growing big and strong, just waiting for the chance to nourish a family during the Festival of Lights, a.k.a. Hanukkah.

The Power of Learning in Nebraska

The mention of “schools” used to conjure up images of drab buildings full of books and blackboards, pencils and chalk. But today’s schools look much different than those from our childhood memories. Students today are much more likely to step off the yellow bus and into a dynamic learning environment that would be barely recognizable to their parents.