Threats and Solutions

Unreasonable regulations.  Technology solutions.

Find out what’s threatening your access to affordable electricity, and how new technologies offer solutions that protect our economy and the environment.

Affordable electric power plays a key role in the financial security of the families, businesses and communities across the West. And we have a history of fair regulation and strong environmental performance that’s cleaned that air and water.  But that stability and progress is being increasingly challenged by unreasonable regulatory actions and policies.

Today, people who understand how electricity powers our lives and the economy are working together to ensure proposed and existing regulations, laws and policies don’t threaten access to affordable electricity.

Part of the solution is also ensuring that investments in technology continue to develop options that can affordably deliver electricity and continue to protect the environment.

As concerned citizens who depend on electricity, we are asking lawmakers and regulatory bodies to base their decisions and actions on balanced, sound science, giving electricity providers the ability to invest in new energy technology and innovation in a responsible way. And when we believe unreasonable regulations hurt electricity consumers, we will stand together with one voice to ensure clean, affordable power today and for generations to come.

Right now, the following issues are threatening affordable electricity—and our way of life. We are working to provide solutions to keep electricity affordable for all of us.