September 2011

"The One Thing I Can't Unplug is: _____" Contest

Electricity seems to flow miraculously from our wall sockets, powering the clock radio that wakes us in the morning and the bedside lamp we turn out at night ñ and nearly every facet of our life in between. But what if you only had enough electricity to power one item? What would you choose?

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Action needed to protect New Mexico’s economy

BREAKING NEWS: Action needed to protect New Mexico’s economy

Click here to find out what you can do to keep electricity affordable in New Mexico.

Affordable electric power plays a key role in the financial security of the families, businesses and communities across the West. And that stability is being increasingly challenged by unreasonable regulatory actions and policies.

The EPA Juggernaut

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) continues their crusade against coal-fired electric generation. Proposed EPA regulations will raise electric rates and reduce reliability for the nation’s and Nebraska’s electric consumers. The regulation I refer to is the Clean Air Act regulation known as the Electric Generation Unit (EGU) Maximum Achievable Control Technology rule. “Maximum Achievable” are the operative words here. They mean EPA doesn’t give a hoot what it costs consumers!

Act today to protect New Mexico’s economy

In late 2010, New Mexico's Environmental Improvement Board (EIB) approved regulations requiring reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. These regulations were approved before the EIB could conduct the proper economic analyses of the regulations' effects on New Mexico's economy and electricity rates.

Now, the EIB is rethinking the regulations. Unless they repeal them, New Mexico’s economy will bear the financial burden of these unreasonable regulations, and to make things worse, we’ll see no environmental benefits.

The congressional panel posed a straightforward question

By Dick Welle | The congressional panel posed a straightforward question.

The Sept. 19 hearing asked, “Are excessive energy regulations and policies limiting energy independence, killing jobs and increasing prices for consumers?”

I answered with an emphatic “yes.”

I was honored with an opportunity to testify before the House Small Business Subcommittee on Agriculture, Energy and Trade at the field hearing on Colorado’s Western Slope, near where the rural electric cooperative I manage, White River Electric Association, is located.

Take Action: Tell Congress to Keep Electricity Affordable

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed new regulations that will affect electricity prices for all American consumers. H.R. 2401, the Transparency in Regulatory Analysis of Impacts on the Nation (TRAIN) Act, would require an economic analysis and delay of these costly regulations until the full impact of the EPAs regulatory agenda has been studied.