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Red tape. Aggressive agendas. Bureaucracy. Get the latest news about what's threatening your access to affordable electricity.

Co-ops Review EPA’s Updated Clean Power Plan

With the issuance of its final Clean Power Plan rules on August 3, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency charted a fundamentally new direction for power generation in this country. The limitations on carbon dioxide emissions from the power sector that are set forth in the rules may substantially change how Colorado’s electric co-ops provide electricity to our member-owners across the state.

Report: Colorado families impacted by rising energy prices

As energy prices continue to rise, many Colorado families are feeling increased pressure to make ends meet. 

Lower- and middle-income families represent 43 percent of Colorado households and take home an average $2,000 per month – making their budgets especially tight. And when electric prices increase, there will be less money for housing, food, health care and other necessities. They will have to figure out where they can cut costs somewhere else.