Energy for America bus rolls through Colorado

Energy for America tour bus in front of Craig Station. Energy for America, a campaign that promotes the use of domestic natural resources and illustrates the value of the communities that benefit from their use, rolled through Craig, Colorado earlier this week. (It’s just half-way through its seven state journey.)

Nestled in the resource-rich area of northwest Colorado, Craig is living proof of what energy development and electricity production means to a community.

American Energy Alliance (AEA) president Tom Pyle spoke to the Craig City Council on Oct. 25 and offered a resolution in support of domestic energy production and job creation.

“The United States has the largest energy reserves on Earth,” he said. “Our supplies of natural gas, oil, coal and hydropower can supply this nation with all the energy we need for hundreds of years. Unfortunately, anti-energy activists, both inside and outside the government want to make energy scarce and more expensive by limiting our access, increasing energy taxes and regulating America’s energy producers.”

The campaign took a little extra time to stretch their road-weary legs by touring the Craig Station power plant. “They were impressed with our facility and our ability to generate safe, reliable, affordable and environmentally compliant electricity using the abundant coal supplies in northwest Colorado,” said plant manager Rick Johnson.

Energy for America tour bus continues its trip across the county. While crisscrossing the country in its bus, the campaign is building grassroots support in local communities that depend on well-paying energy related jobs and giving local citizens the opportunity to sign the bus in support of its mission.

When the campaign reaches its final destination of Washington, D.C., it plans to deliver a message to Congress that the American people back American energy.

“This whole bus tour is designed to remind people that we are a resource rich nation. If we had access to these natural resources, we could create good-paying jobs and with those good-paying jobs we could have economic growth. The only obstacle standing in our way is Congress and unelected bureaucrats at the [Environmental Protection Agency],” said AEA media director Jeffrey Hubbard.

You can learn more about Energy for America on its website. And, don’t forget to take a moment and show your support for affordable electricity by joining our e-Action team.