Knowledge Is Power This Election


At Keep Electricity Affordable, we work to explain important energy issues, highlight their impact on families, farms and other businesses and demonstrate how to make your voice heard.

We believe that knowledge is power. There’s perhaps no better illustration of that axiom than election season.

As candidates vie for your vote, an informed voter can assess their positions and even put candidates on the spot with probing questions that produce greater insight.

These days, of course, there’s a wealth of campaign information online.

For example, Google compiles information about the energy positions of presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Ballotpedia, a nonpartisan resource, also has information on the presidential candidates’ stances on energy and environmental policy.

But while the presidential race dominates the headlines, important energy policy decisions also are made by elected officials who appear down the ballot, including those running for Congress and the state legislature.

We created Pledge to Plug In as an election resource for energy consumers. While you’re there, please commit to learning about energy issues that will affect your family.

Are you registered to vote? Do you know which candidates will be on your ballot this fall? Our partners at can help. This nonpartisan election information resource created by America's Electric Cooperatives is a useful tool for anyone, whether or not you're a co-op member.

This fall experience the power of being an informed voter. We think you’ll find it enlightening.