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Support grows for Colorado Senate Bill 258

On Saturday, the Pueblo Chieftain showed its support for The Colorado Electric Consumers' Protection Act (Senate Bill 258), which it calls "a reasonable check" on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The Chieftain says: "The Federal Environmental Protection Agency has proposed guidelines regulating ... how electricity can be produced, transmitted and distributed to customers. Which means they could have a serious impact on the source, reliability and cost of our day-to-day energy."

Hearings across nation spark debate on EPA regulations

The debate over the future of U.S. electricity generation was on full display this week at Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) hearings in Atlanta, Denver, Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C.. The focus of these public hearings? The EPA’s proposed Clean Power Plan that could radically alter the way electricity is generated by utilities and used and paid for by consumers nationwide.

Within Bricks or Behind Clicks, Affordable Electricity Critical to Learning

Not long ago we published a blog post and infographic describing how electricity has become an increasingly important part of the infrastructure for modern bricks-and-mortar schools. From high-tech instructional equipment to basic utilities like heating and lighting, school buildings rely on electric power to create productive learning environments. 

But not all of us ride bikes and busses to school – today, many students simply log on from home...