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Let There Be Light!

New research out of the University of Colorado and University of Denver is using nighttime satellite images of the earth to estimate the magnitude of poverty. Researchers have created an index based on the correlation between the amount of electric light that’s visible at night in a particular region and its population.

Super Bowl blackout shows how we take electricity for granted

The Super Bowl blackout almost stymied the Baltimore Ravens’ game plan but it could give a push to the nation’s discussion of energy issues.
That’s the view of U.S. Sen.  Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, who said the 33 minutes when the Superdome went dark could shed light on how much we all rely on electricity. 
“I think it helps to perhaps kick-start the debate,” she said, according to The Hill newspaper.

New Mexico Farm & Livestock Bureau working to Keep Electricity Affordable

This recent radio spot by the New Mexico Farm & Livestock Bureau outlines the importance of affordable electricity – not only for our home use, but also for the farmers who help feed our country.

Electricity can be a huge expenditure for farmers and ranchers – so if energy costs escalate unnecessarily our food prices could rise too. Unaffordable electricity caused by unneeded mandates also could threaten the economic well-being of some family farms. 


Powering the Super Bowl

UPDATED 2/3/2013 at 8:20 PM We don't think much about reliable electricity until we don't have it. We learned during Super Bowl XLVII that we can't afford to take it for granted. From national pleasures like football to national necesities like farming and small business, electricity power our lives.

The quarterbacks aren’t the only things powering the teams in the Super Bowl; electricity plays a big role in the biggest sporting event of the year.