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Regulatory “question mark” keeps utilities guessing

Why do ill-conceived energy regulations and other bureaucratic red tape ultimately lead to greater electricity costs for consumers? As this thoughtful article in the Wyoming Business Report explains, utilities are striving to use a greater variety of energy sources while operating responsibly and ensuring a reliable supply of affordable energy – but it’s extremely difficult in an uncertain regulatory environment. 

Spreading the word about the value of affordable electricity – and why we need to protect it

You’ve seen us on the web. Now look for us in your local newspaper or listen for us on the radio. Keep Electricity Affordable is turning up the volume on our message with an ad campaign that highlights how we all depend on affordable electricity – and why we can’t afford to take it for granted.

The newspaper and online ads depict a maze standing between a plug and a wall socket. “It shouldn’t be this hard to get affordable electricity,” the newspaper ad notes, adding: “We can’t have electricity caught in a maze of flawed regulations and mandates.”