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Affordable Electricity in the West Threatened by Misguided Lawsuit


While hydro, natural gas, wind and solar contribute significantly to energy production, coal is the “baseload” fuel that provides a solid foundation for generating reliable and affordable electricity. Colowyo Mine near Craig, Colo., is one of the many facilities across the country producing the coal that provides affordable, reliable electricity for thousands of homes, farms, businesses and communities in the West. 

A setback for openness but fight will continue

The Colorado Electric Consumers’ Protection Act (Senate Bill 258) was introduced to give Coloradans a greater say in how to make the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed Clean Power Plan work in our state.

The bill had won bipartisan backing in the Colorado Senate, but Monday it fell short of the needed votes in the House State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee.

Support grows for Colorado Senate Bill 258

On Saturday, the Pueblo Chieftain showed its support for The Colorado Electric Consumers' Protection Act (Senate Bill 258), which it calls "a reasonable check" on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The Chieftain says: "The Federal Environmental Protection Agency has proposed guidelines regulating ... how electricity can be produced, transmitted and distributed to customers. Which means they could have a serious impact on the source, reliability and cost of our day-to-day energy."

Support Senate Bill 258 - ACT NOW

medium_Guy with arms crossed_250x250.JPGThe Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan threatens Coloradans’ access to the affordable, reliable electricity that powers our lives at home and work. If this EPA mandate stands, it will be up to Colorado to decide how to make it work in our communities. Coloradans deserve a plan that promotes accountability, openness and collaboration.