Thank your Attorney General for standing up to the EPA

UPDATE: February 12, 2016

In a big win for affordable electricity, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that implementation of the Environmental Protection Agency’s controversial Clean Power Plan should be put on hold while courts consider legal challenges from 27 states. 

This is great news, as the Clean Power Plan threatens Americans' access to the affordable, reliable electricity that powers our homes, schools, jobs and communities! Please sign this letter to help thank your state’s Attorney General for joining the lawsuit and standing up for affordable electricity. 

Tell your Attorney General how much you appreciate this advocacy for electric consumers. 

If you live in Colorado or Wyoming, send the email here.

If you live in Nebraska, send the email here.

Your state's Attorney General has joined a lawsuit with 26 other states to stop the implementation of the EPA's Clean Power Plan, which threatens affordable and reliable electricity and jobs – and which the EPA may not have the legal authority to implement.

Please send a thank you email to your state's Attorney General to show you appreciate how he or she is standing up for electric consumers.