We’ve got to work together to keep electricity affordable

Without electricity, you wouldn’t be reading this blog. Your computer or your mobile device, the Internet, and a broadband connection all wouldn’t be possible without electricity.

Yet electricity so much a part of our lives that – like the air we breathe -- we don’t even notice it’s everywhere.  And, like oxygen, we may only realize how much we need it when we don’t have enough.

Welcome to the Affordability Matters blog where we’ll take a look at how much we’ve come to depend on affordable and reliable electricity and consider some threats to this resource.

What sorts of conversations can you expect to find here?

We’ll be bringing people like farmers or ranchers, small business owners, teachers, and moms to the table and ask them to think about how electricity impacts their lives. The buzz will also be about innovations in how electricity is generated and today’s energy challenges like rising costs.

The goal is for the insights from these bloggers to spark conversations: questions, answers, and new ideas.  And we want to hear your voice, as well. Since you depend on affordable electricity, you’ve got something to say. And we want this to be the place to say it.

This blog includes the opportunity to comment on every post.  We hope this produces an online conversation and we understand that there may be dissenting views. We do, however, ask that you respect some basic rules of courtesy.

  • No obscenities or personal attacks. Be respectful even if you’re respectfully disagreeing.
  • Use your real name.  Just as if you were attending a public meeting, we believe people making public comments should be prepared to stand behind what they say.
  • Don’t post anything that is illegal, fraudulent, deceptive or offensive (duh!) and please don’t use this as a forum to market products or services.

We look forward to hearing from you.