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Red tape. Aggressive agendas. Bureaucracy. Get the latest news about what's threatening your access to affordable electricity.

FERC Expresses Concern About Energy Sources

Keep Electricity Affordable typically focuses on the impact that rules and regulations could have on the cost of electricity to households, businesses and communities. But affordability is not the only issue of concern to consumers, who also want to know that their power supply is going to be reliable. Reliable power keeps life-saving medical equipment operating at hospitals, electronic teaching tools functioning at schools and our food fresh and safe at grocery stores.

Advocates for affordable electricity take a stand on EPA rules

In June, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced new rules that will significantly impact how electricity is generated in the United States. The “Clean Power Plan” seeks to reduce the carbon dioxide coming from existing U.S. power plants significantly by 2030, but fails to consider the implication of such an aggressive mandate on the cost of electricity or the importance of its reliability.