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Red tape. Aggressive agendas. Bureaucracy. Get the latest news about what's threatening your access to affordable electricity.

Report: Wyoming families impacted by rising energy prices

As energy prices continue to rise, many Wyoming families are feeling increased pressure to make ends meet. Lower- and middle-income families represent 40 percent of Wyoming households and take home an average $2,100 per month – making their budgets especially tight. And when electric prices increase, there will be less money for housing, food, health care and other necessities. They will have to figure out where they can cut costs somewhere else.

See how this affects families like yours.

Thank You for Standing Up for Affordable Electricity!

Over the past few weeks, we’ve asked you to make your voices heard to support the Colowyo Mine in northwest Colorado in the face of a lawsuit against the Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement (OSMRE). A poor outcome in this situation could threaten to close the mine, a key link in the supply chain that provides affordable, reliable power across large swaths of the West.

The Electric Grid Connects Us All

The energy industry is in the midst of an unprecedented period of transition. As this energy revolution unfolds, a modern, interconnected and reliable electric grid has never been more important. By staying connected to the electric grid, your home is part of a larger system. You can usually feed extra energy back into it when you don’t need it, but more importantly, the grid is there to make sure you always have enough power when you need it.

Affordable Electricity in the West Threatened by Misguided Lawsuit

Colowyo Mine near Craig, Colo., is one of the many facilities across the country producing the coal that provides affordable, reliable electricity for thousands of homes, farms, businesses and communities in the West. Unfortunately, a misguided lawsuit threatens to close the mine – impacting the local economy, families and, potentially, electricity prices for consumers. The good news is that you can have a say in what happens to Colowyo Mine.

A setback for openness but fight will continue

The Colorado Electric Consumers’ Protection Act (Senate Bill 258) was introduced to give Coloradans a greater say in how to make the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed Clean Power Plan work in our state.

The bill had won bipartisan backing in the Colorado Senate, but Monday it fell short of the needed votes in the House State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee.