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Affordability Matters Blog

Red tape. Aggressive agendas. Bureaucracy. Get the latest news about what's threatening your access to affordable electricity.

Member Spotlight: Jay R. of Colorado Springs, CO

Name: Jay R.

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

Occupation: Computer security analyst

Why I support Keep Electricity Affordable: “Electricity needs and associated equipment needs should be addressed locally, not by politicians in Denver. Local residents know their power needs and what they can afford. We do not need unfunded mandates dictating power policies.”

The one thing that requires electricity that I can't live without: Life support equipment

My favorite movie, book or TV show is: John Carter, Warlord of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Member Spotlight: Brian D. of Casper, WY

Name: Brian D.

Hometown: Casper, WY

Occupation: Oil and gas company

Why I support Keep Electricity Affordable: “I don’t want to pay more for utilities unnecessarily.”

The one thing that requires electricity that I can't live without: Lights

Favorite movie, book or TV show: Lights Out, a book by David Crawford. The book explores what would happen if we lost electricity or experienced an Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP).

Infographic – Powering Our Information

Imagine you take a picture of your vegetable garden with a smart phone and want to email it to your next-door neighbor. That photo doesn’t travel through some magical ether. For its seemingly short trip across your lawn and picket fence, the photo might actually venture around the world through countless miles of cable and servers before appearing a moment later and a few hundred feet away. This transmission requires a massive, tangible infrastructure of power-hungry data centers.

Expensive mandates sent to Gov. Hickenlooper - ACT NOW for affordable electricity

It’s come to this: Senate Bill 252, the unfair and unreasonable bill that would raise rural electricity costs by billions, has been passed and sent by the Colorado Legislature to Gov. John Hickenlooper. 

We’re asking Coloradans across the state to ask Gov. Hickenlooper to veto this expensive mandate. Click here now to learn more and take action. [The hyperlink has been removed because this alert is no longer active.]