Who We Are

Keep Electricity Affordable is an alliance of citizens and organizations in Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico and Wyoming that believes affordable electric power is an indispensable resource that is essential to families, businesses, communities and the economy.

This initiative is a program of the Rural Economic Action Alliance (REA-A), a not-for-profit organization that educates the public on the importance of affordable and reliable electricity, the value of consumer owned, not-for-profit cooperative business model and factors that support a vibrant economy and quality of life across the rural West.


Keep Electricity Affordable supporters include:

Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association
Tri-State is a not-for-profit, consumer-owned wholesale electric cooperative, providing electricity to 44 member co-ops and, in turn, to 1.5 million consumers throughout Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico and Wyoming.

Colorado Rural Electric Association
The mission of the Colorado Rural Electric Association (CREA) is to enhance and advance the interests of its member electric cooperatives through a united effort. Colorado’s 22 electric cooperatives have been providing power to rural Colorado for the better part of a century. Since the 1930s, CREA has built an extensive network of facilities to enable it to meet its mission of providing safe, affordable, and reliable electric power to its member-owners.

Nebraska Rural Electric Association
The Nebraska Rural Electric Association facilitates cooperation among its 35 rural public power district and electric cooperative members by providing essential services that can be performed more effectively and economically at a statewide level, including advocacy and grassroots action at the state and federal level, safety training, director and employee education, consumer information and communications, youth leadership development and disaster assistance.  This is all done to help accomplish the mission of its member systems, which is to safely provide high quality, reliable, affordable electric service and improve the quality of life of the people of rural Nebraska.

New Mexico Rural Electric Cooperative Association
The New Mexico Rural Electric Cooperative Association is a statewide not-for-profit service organization for the state’s electric cooperatives.  New Mexico’s rural electric cooperatives provide vital utility services to more than 200,000 New Mexico families and businesses who own their electric cooperatives. Organized in 1944 and headquartered in Santa Fe, NMRECA represents the interest of the state’s electric co-ops and their member-consumers in legislative, regulatory and public affairs matters.

Wyoming Rural Electric Association
In 1941, Wyoming’s rural electric cooperatives formed the Wyoming Rural Electric Association to represent them and their rural electric consumers in regulatory matters, legislative issues at the state and national levels, and coordinated lobbying efforts. Located in the state’s capitol city of Cheyenne, WREA exists as a united representative for its members, promoting the cooperative principles and rural electrification for Wyoming.